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Why is there a waiting period between 1st and 2nd Reiki Degrees?

The reason for a three months waiting period between 1st and 2nd Degree, is to allow the body to adjust to the fine tuning that occurs in the initiation which can result in an inner cleaning, on either a physical, emotional/mental and spiritual level.

If you are a person who holds a lot of personal illness or issues (which many of us can) the waiting period is to allow the body to adjust to the physical and emotional change which can sometimes be a little traumatic.

Allow the Reiki to work and heal you, before moving onto the next degree (at least three months).

It also means that you have time to learn the hand positions for treating yourself and others (this doesn't happen overnight!), the chakras and to develop experience and confidence in what you are doing.  Many things can happen during a treatment and it is about being able to cope with different circumstances, different questions and different reactions that you can't learn about just by being told what to do or from reading a book about it. 

The most important thing is to just enjoy the journey and to enjoy the journey, you must take time to experience it!

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