Indian Head Massage Training


"Massage day is the best day of the week."

What is Indian Head Massage?

The art of Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation used widely in Asia, mainly by masseurs and hairdressers, to combat daily tension and stress. This form of massage is now one of the most popular therapies available at the moment.

The Malish technique (introduced to the UK by Kush Kumar) is a method different from the standard Indian Head Massages taught.  It addresses the back, neck, scalp and face using a variety of massage pressures and techniques and is one of the most relaxing types of massages you will experience. A typical treatment normally lasts 45 minutes.

Indian Head Massage Training

The course runs for 1 day from 10.00am to 5.30pm

The day consists of:

- The History of Malish Indian Head Massage
- Ayurveda
- Chakras
- The purpose and benefits of the treatment
- Hygiene
- Contra-indications
- Indian Head Massage - demonstration and practice of Indian Head Massage; after care of patients
- Insurance and certificate

At the end of the course, you will be able to give treatments to yourself, friends and family.

Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage Treatment

Why would you have an Indian Head Massage?

Ideal for any neck or shoulder tension, the massage starts on the back and neck working deeply over the muscles and pressure points that help the muscles to relax.

Moving on to the scalp, massage techniques are used which relax, stimulate and revive this area. The whole scalp is covered to encourage circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the area. The effect of this is to help stimulate hair growth and revitalize the brain.

Finally, the treatment finishes with a wonderful soothing face massage, which includes pressure points and draining techniques that may help headaches and sinus problems.

The massage does not require removal of clothing - wear comfortable clothing and a thin top (such as a t-shirt or shirt, etc).  


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Indian Head Massage Training

Indian Head Massage Training

£ 155

Learn how to treat yourself, your friends, family and, with insurance, paying customers.

TO BOOK A COURSE:  Simply complete the form below with the training course and date you wish to attend.

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PLEASE NOTE: A non-refundable deposit (£50) is required to confirm your booking and final payment will then be due a week before the course. Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal - details will be given when making the booking.  Payment can be made by bank transfer or  PayPal - details will be given when making the booking.

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