Bespoke and Onsite Training


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Onsite Training
If you have a location available and training is required for a large group and/or needs to be adapted around a specific timetable - training can be brought to you. 

Simply complete the form below to organise a meeting with Helen.  She will then be able to check the location and facilities available so training can be adapted to best meet your needs.

Bespoke Training
Bespoke training is ideal if you have a specific training need or initiative you wish to bring into your workplace.

Working with Helen, you can identify your training objectives and develop the training you need. Helen has over 25+ years as a trainer, creating and developing courses to meet training criteria and is more than happy to discuss training needs with you.Work in the past has included empowering victims of abuse to give treatments to others in a safe environment - learning that touch can be kind; training nurses, carers and volunteers to give therapies to their patients and residents; giving training to employees in order to further their own development.

Simply complete the form below to organise a meeting with Helen and discuss the best way to meet your training needs.

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